At Cabjaks we believe that great things happen in our kitchens. Whether it’s homework, family dinners, conversations, parties or just generally hanging out looking for something to eat, the kitchen is the heart of any family home. A great kitchen improves your family's life and adds value to your family home. It’s something that we passionately believe should be in reach of all NZ homes.

To that end we pride ourselves in providing the best value quality fully assembled Kitchen and  Laundries, Wardrobes and Bench tops available in NZ. So any change in our pricing is something that we are loath to do and we typically hold off for as long as we possibly can before making any price adjustments.

It has been more than almost two years since we last adjusted our pricing and over that time, as all of our customers know too well, costs have been skyrocketing.

The cost of all of our raw materials have increased by between 12 - 41% over the past 24 months. Add to that increases in wages, fuel, hardware and rampant general inflation and we find ourselves in a place where in order to continue to do what we do we need to change our prices.

So as of Tuesday 22nd of February we have adjusted all of the pricing in our web store. We are confident even after doing so we will remain the best value provider in New Zealand, having said that it still is a tough call and one that we simply cannot put off any longer.

Thank you to all of our customers for your support over the years and for new customers we look forward to helping you create a great kitchen at your place.

All the best

The Cabjaks Crew

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