5 Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Facelift

5 Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Facelift

The thought of updating your old, tired kitchen can sometimes seem daunting. Here are 5 simple and affordable ways to give new life to your kitchen.


1. Replace Your Benchtop

Let’s face it, we don’t always look after our benchtops well (particularly if it’s a rental property) which means they can wear out, making your kitchen look tired. Updating your benchtop is a simple way to transform your kitchen into a modern, timeless space you want to spend time in. Our range of on trend, laminate benchtops not only provide you with a way to instantly lift your entire kitchen, without breaking the bank! Our easy to use benchtop planner means your new benchtop can be ordered with just a click https://cabjaks.co.nz/collections/custom-benchtops.

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2. Get New Doors

We’ve all been guilty of not cleaning up a spill properly or putting something back in the cupboard and slamming the door shut a tad too hard, meaning these can be the first part of a kitchen to give way. By replacing the door and drawer fronts you can make your kitchen cabinets look brand new! Use our custom panels function to order replacement fronts to your exact requirements https://cabjaks.co.nz/products/custom-panel .


3. Upgrade the Handles

Don’t underestimate the power of updating your handles and hardware. Handles can take your kitchen space from looking like any other ordinary kitchen to be a modern, on trend space.  Check out our range of handles, all of which have the same drilling, so you can mix and match! https://cabjaks.co.nz/collections/handles . Try matching other kitchen accessories to help pull your entire kitchen look together, such as pairing our Nero handle with black countertop appliances, such as your jug or toaster to create an effortless, monochromatic look.


4. New Appliances

Old appliances can date your kitchen by decades with just a glance. Upgrading to new appliances can not only give your kitchen the much-needed facelift that it needs, but also makes it a space you can look forward to being in, because who doesn’t love cooking with a brand new oven or cooktop! We offer a full range of appliances to help transform your kitchen into a space worthy of bragging to your friends about https://cabjaks.co.nz/collections/appliances .


5. Start From Scratch and Get the Whole Lot!

Sometimes it’s just not worth trying to update your existing kitchen and can work out cheaper and easier to just replace the whole thing. If none of the above ideas are going to cut it and your kitchen is just too far gone, you may want to consider this. Try out our kitchen planner tool and learn how getting a whole new kitchen through Cabjaks can still be an affordable option https://cabjaks.co.nz/collections/kitchen-planner .

Cabjaks Kitchen Planner

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