Get an Entire Kitchen Made within Days!

Get an Entire Kitchen Made within Days

For most people when they think about kitchen renovations the words, time, money and effort spring to mind. Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing kitchen or wanting to spruce it up before on selling, the whole process has just got a lot quicker and easier.


Simple processes = quick turnaround

We’ve stripped back our processes to keep production as simple as possible which means instead of waiting weeks or months for your cabinets you can have a kitchen ready to be picked up in 4 working days. Unlike traditional cabinet makers who customize to your exact requirements, we offer an extensive range of standard sizes designed to fit most spaces. Check out our range of base cabinets and the sizes we have available . This allows us to have automated production processes in our factory so that we can make cabinets quickly and efficiently. Not only does this mean we can make a kitchen within days, it also helps to keep our prices down!

 Cabjaks Display Kitchen

No flat packs!

You no longer have to spend hours on end tackling flat packs as our kitchen cabinets come fully assembled. When you receive your Cabjaks’ kitchen each unit will be already made up, so installation is as simple as screwing these together and then putting the benchtop on. You can use our helpful how-to guides if you do get stuck . This will save you huge amounts of time and money during installation which can be put to enjoying your new kitchen or maximising your investment property.


Design online from home

We’ve made it so simple that there has never been a better time to renovate. With our online kitchen planner, the design power is entirely in your hands and means you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. This planner also acts as an automatic quoting service, so you are in full control of the cost of your kitchen. With our 4-day turnaround time you don’t need to worry about ordering your kitchen until the last minute. Don’t hold back any longer and start planning your Cabjaks’ kitchen today

Cabjaks Kitchen Planner

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