Kitchen and Laundry Cabinets

Do we do any custom making for our cabinets?

We only offer standard sizing for our cabinets, all of which can be found on our website.


Do the cabinets come as a flat pack?

Our kitchen, laundry and tall cabinets only come fully assembled, we do not have an option for these to come as a flat pack.


What board material do we use?

The board we use is Laminex 16mm TE White Melteca board with a white satin finish. All of our board is manufactured in New Zealand from sustainably grown New Zealand pine.


Can I buy the cabinet with no doors?

You can buy just the cabinets without doors. Simply select the No doors in the "Common instructions" section as you go through the check out process.


Can I just get doors replaced?

Yes, you can! If you got your cabinets from us, you can let us know which cabinets you need the doors replaced on and we can price these for you. If you didn’t get the cabinets from us, you can use the custom panels function to get doors cut to the exact sizes that you need, and this will give you are price. https://cabjaks.co.nz/products/custom-panel


Can I get the cabinets without handle holes drilled?

Yes you can. Simply select the No Handle holes in the "Common instructions" section as you go through the check out process.


How much overhang do I need for my benchtop?

For the front we would normally do a 15mm overhang and on an open end (not up against a wall) we would do 10/15mm. Use our benchtop planner to customize your benchtop https://cabjaks.co.nz/collections/custom-benchtops.


How do I get a benchtop to fit my cabinets that I am ordering?

It is best to manually add the width of each of your cabinets, any finishing panels and spaces for appliances. You can then order this using our benchtop planner by entering in your exact measurements. https://cabjaks.co.nz/collections/custom-benchtops .

Cabjaks Benchtop Planner

Do we always have benchtop offcuts?

We always have some benchtop offcuts in stock. You can come in any time to look at these


Do we have benchtop blanks in stock?

We normally have these in stock, but it would pay to call us to double check before coming in.


Do we do splash backs?

Unfortunately, we do not do splashbacks or upstands.


Do the wardrobes come fully assembled?

Our wardrobe organisers come as a flat pack for you to assemble on site. You can use our helpful how-to guides on our website to help you with installation. https://cabjaks.co.nz/blogs/how-to .


Do we do wardrobe doors?

Unfortunately, we don’t do wardrobe doors.

Ordering and Payment

Do you come out and do a measure and quote?

We don’t do anything on site. To get a quote refer to our website where you can use our planning tools to get a quote for your design or look at individual prices.


How do I get a quote?

Our website has our full range of products with all the available sizes and prices for all of these. If you need to design a kitchen, laundry, wardrobe or benchtop the planning tools for each of these will be able to give you a full quote.


Do you offer a design service?

We do not offer a design service unfortunately. We have online planning tools that allow you to design your kitchen, laundry or wardrobe. Otherwise you are welcome to come into the showroom with your measurements and we can go through your design with you.


How can I make changes to my kitchen plan online?

When using our kitchen, laundry or wardrobe planner you can save this plan by creating an account. This will allow you to access your plan at any time and make any changes.


Do we carry stock of our products or are they made to order?

All our products are made to order so you will need to order through our website.


Do I need to make full payment when I order?

We will need to receive full payment before we start manufacturing your order. Payment is made when you place your order.


Do I need to allow for the edging when ordering custom panels?

When making a custom panel you do not need to allow for the edging. Just enter in the exact final measurements you need your panel to be and we work the rest out from there.


Do we do installation?

We don’t do installation. We have a list of installers that we recommend that can be provided upon request.


Do we do sink or cooktop cutouts?

We don’t do the sink or cooktop cutouts as we


Do the toe kicks come with clips? 

Our toe kicks do not come with clips, we just use a spot of silicone or glue on the adjustable feet.

Delivery/Pick Up

How do I arrange delivery?

When placing your order, you can select to either pick up your order, arrange your own delivery or have it delivered.


How much is delivery?

The delivery cost is based on the size of your order and where you are based. Once you add everything to your shopping cart there is a shipping calculator where you can enter in your postcode and this will provide you with a delivery quote.

 Cabjaks Shipping Calculator


What do I do if my post code doesn’t come up in the shipping calculator?

You can put your order through as a bank deposit, so you don’t need to make any payment until the delivery cost is confirmed. If you then let us know when you have done this and we can call the freight company to get a quote for you.


Do we deliver to the South Island?

We are delighted to ship your products to the South Island. Delivery timeframes vary depending on our freight partners scheduling and your location.

When will the freight company pick up my order?

We aim to have the freight company pick up your order 1-2 days after your order is ready.


What happens if my order gets damaged by the freight company?

We will arrange to have a replacement made and sent out to you as quickly as possible.


Do we have a showroom?

Yes, we have a showroom! Our address is 14 Ra Ora Drive. Feel free to pop in and someone will be able to give you a hand.


What are our opening hours?

We are open Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm and Saturday’s from 9am to 1pm.


What is the warranty?

We have a 12month warranty for all our cabinets.


Do we sell appliances?

Yes, we do sell appliances! https://cabjaks.co.nz/collections/appliances


What is the lead time for production?

Our production lead time varies depending on demand. Typically it is between 10-20 working days.  As a part of the check out process you will be asked when you require your order. The soonest date that is available indicates our current production lead time. Our production lead time does not include delivery. This varies enormously depending on location.  South Island main centres please allow an extra 2 weeks, areas further a field can take longer.


Do we offer a trade discount?         

We don’t offer a trade discount for one off customer’s but if you plan to become a regular customer we can work something out.


How do I know whether to use the integrated toe kick or adjustable feet option?

You should use an integrated toe kick if your unit is freestanding (not next to any other cabinets) and you are confident that your floors are level. If the cabinet is going next to other cabinetry or you are worried your floors are uneven, it is best to go with the adjustable feet option.