All of our benchtops are made locally in Auckland, using New Zealand made 30mm board as the substrate. We import our own laminates.

We make our benchtops from 600mm wide elements up to 3600mm long in a single piece with one post-formed edge. For breakfast bars we offer our benchtops 650mm or 900mm wide with two post-formed edges.

We can also prepare corner joins and end finishings, ready for your kitchen or laundry.

Benchtop Planner

Create your own custom benchtop with our easy-to-use benchtop planner.

Simply enter your dimensions and choose your options. The price will be automatically calculated, then you can buy your benchtop online.

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Benchtop Blanks

Our benchtop blanks are 3660mm long and are available in various depths.

Benchtops blanks are cheaper per metre than our custom benchtops, but you’ll need to cut the benchtop yourself to your desired length.

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Our Colours

Sonora Black Benchtop

Sonora Black

Sonora White Benchtop

Sonora White

Dark Concrete Benchtop

Dark Concrete

Light Concrete Benchtop

Light Concrete

Black Marble Benchtop

Black Marble

White Marble Benchtop

White Marble

Dark Moon Benchtop

Dark Moon

Grey Moon Benchtop

Grey Moon

Slate Benchtop


White Benchtop


(Does not match white cabinet colour.)

Kiwi Oak Benchtop

Kiwi Oak

Weathered Cedar Benchtop

Weathered Cedar

Island Sands Benchtop

Island Sands