How to Assemble a Wardrobe

Please see the video above for a demonstration.

You will need

  • Wooden dowels and pushfit dowels for back support panel
  • Euro screws for drawer runner fixing
  • Shelf supports for adjustable shelves
  • Studs for fixed shelves
  • Drawer runners (left and right)
  • L bracket and screws for additional fixing to studs (not supplied - must be ordered separately)
  • Hanging rail wall supports
  • Cordless screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver

Tower Assembly

Step 1

Lay the drilled side panel on the floor.

Fit the wooden and pushfit dowels.

Step 2

Decide where you want the fixed shelves and screw in the fixed shelf studs. Please note, if you have a tower with drawers, the extra fixed shelf goes above the bottom drawer.

Step 3

Decide where you want the drawers and fix the drawer runners with the euro screws.

Note: you will need to leave 7 visible holes between each runner, or if you are using drawers with handles you will need to leave 6 visible holes.

Step 4

Fit the back support panel – please note, the bottom back support panel is optional.

Step 5

Fit the fixed shelves.

Step 6

Repeat steps 1–3 on opposite side and fit together.


Step 7

Move the tower into position.

Note: you may need to remove the skirting board or notch the sides.

Step 8

Check the levels before fixing to the wall. You may need Gib board anchors.

Step 9

You can use additional fixing e.g. L brackets where you find solid fixing (studs or noggings).

Step 10

Fit end panels.

Step 11

Fit the hanging rail wall supports.

Step 12

Fit the top panel.

Note: top panel will need to be cut to size.

Step 13

Mark the centre of the drilled side panels and transfer the marks to the top panel.

Step 14

Drill 5mm holes and screw the top panel to the side panels.

Step 15

You can now fit the assembled drawers and adjustable shelves.

Step 16

Fit the hanging rails.

Note: these will need to be cut to size using a hacksaw or similar.

Step 17

You’ve finished! Hang your clothes.

See Also

For instructions on how to assemble a corner wardrobe, please see our video Wardrobe Design Ideas.

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