Ordering and Payment

Do you come out and do a measure and quote?

We don’t do anything on site. To get a quote refer to our website where you can use our planning tools to get a quote for your design or look at individual prices.


How do I get a quote?

Our website has our full range of products with all the available sizes and prices for all of these. If you need to design a kitchen, laundry, wardrobe or benchtop the planning tools for each of these will be able to give you a full quote.


Do you offer a design service?

We do not offer a design service unfortunately. We have online planning tools that allow you to design your kitchen, laundry or wardrobe. Otherwise you are welcome to come into the showroom with your measurements and we can go through your design with you.


How can I make changes to my kitchen plan online?

When using our kitchen, laundry or wardrobe planner you can save this plan by creating an account. This will allow you to access your plan at any time and make any changes.


Do we carry stock of our products or are they made to order?

All our products are made to order so you will need to order through our website.


Do I need to make full payment when I order?

We will need to receive full payment before we start manufacturing your order. Payment is made when you place your order.


Do I need to allow for the edging when ordering custom panels?

When making a custom panel you do not need to allow for the edging. Just enter in the exact final measurements you need your panel to be and we work the rest out from there.

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