How much overhang do I need for my benchtop?

For the front we would normally do a 15mm overhang and on an open end (not up against a wall) we would do 10/15mm. Use our benchtop planner to customize your benchtop


How do I get a benchtop to fit my cabinets that I am ordering?

It is best to manually add the width of each of your cabinets, any finishing panels and spaces for appliances. You can then order this using our benchtop planner by entering in your exact measurements. .

Cabjaks Benchtop Planner

Do we always have benchtop offcuts?

We always have some benchtop offcuts in stock. You can come in any time to look at these


Do we have benchtop blanks in stock?

We normally have these in stock, but it would pay to call us to double check before coming in.


Do we do splash backs?

Unfortunately, we do not do splashbacks or upstands.

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