How do I calculate the size of my benchtop?

It is best to manually add up the width of each cabinet, under bench voids, end panels and overhangs, you can then put these measurements in to our benchtop planner and decide which ends you would like to have clashed. All of our benchtops have a rolled edge at the front and if you select the ‘breakfast bar’ option, this will be rolled on both the front and back edges.


How do I calculate the overhang on my benchtop?

We usually recommend a 15mm overhang on the front edge of our benchtops, for example, if your cabinetry is 585mm deep, we would recommend a 600mm deep benchtop. For any exposed ends of the benchtop (i.e. not against a wall or tall end panel) we recommend a 10-15mm overhang to give the top a more finished look. These exposed ends also require clashing or ‘finishing’ to cover the raw edge.


Can I purchase an offcut?

We do not keep any benchtop offcuts in stock. If you require a benchtop blank (3660mm), this will need to be ordered online. You can then get in contact with the office to see if we have any available to be picked up earlier.


Do you sell splash backs?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any splash backs or upstands.

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