We are delighted to offer customers a range of top quality colours and woodgrain finishes for our cabinets, finishing panels and custom panels.  

It's all so new that the only photo we have is of the set up in our boardroom. 

There are a few important things to bear in mind when you are designing using our colour range:

  • Our cabinet insides are still made using our traditional Laminex White Naturale 16mm particle board.
  • You will need to incorporate base, wall and tall end panels into your design so that you don't leave the white ends of cabinets exposed by mistake. For example: Where base cabinets are positioned next to tall cabinets you will need to incorporate a Tall End Panel to cover the white side of the tall cabinet.
  • Our products with integrated toe kicks are not yet available in colour.
  • We create our cabinet frontages using patterns so when if you order one of our woodgrain colours we make the entire frontage out of a single panel to ensure that the woodgrain matches.
  • Designing in colour is easy as. Simply use our kitchen planner tool
  • COMPARE WHITE v COLOUR PRICING. Once you have completed your colour design you can change it to white and then back to colour so as to get a cost comparison.

 See How to design with colour for more information and ideas.