How to Assemble a Soft Close Drawer

Please see the video above for a demonstration.

You will need

  • Four 6g x 16mm screws (supplied)
  • Two 8g x 28mm screws (supplied)
  • One 8g x 40mm screw (supplied)
  • Front connectors
  • Front metal glass supports
  • Drawer sides (left/right)
  • Rear connector metal brackets (left/right)
  • Front plastic glass holders (left/right)
  • Rear plastic glass holders (left/right)
  • 8mm tempered frosted glass
  • Drawer runners (left/right)
  • Cordless drill/screwdriver
  • 5mm drill bit
  • Pozi #2 screwdriver
  • Square

Step 1

Push front connectors into pre-drilled 8mm holes.

Note: front connectors are universal.

Tighten screws ¼ turn (90°).

Step 2

Fit front metal glass supports (universal) using 6g x 16mm screws.

Step 3

Press in left and right drawer sides. You will hear it click into position.

Step 4

Screw the rear connector metal brackets onto the drawer back using 8g x 28mm screws (left/right).

Step 5

Slide drawer base into position.

Step 6

Slide prepared drawer back until it locks into position.

Step 7

Drill pilot hole in centre rear of drawer base and use 8g x 40mm screw.

Step 8

Slide front plastic glass holders into position (left/right).

Step 9

Fit glass into rear plastic glass holders until they click into position (left/right).

Step 10

Using the 7th hole below the fixed shelf (or the 6th hole if the drawer has a handle), fit the carcass runners using the supplied euro screws into the front hole.

Step 11

Using the square to align the runner, mark the hole with a pencil.

Drill a 5mm hole 12mm deep.

Step 12

Sit the drawer on top of the extended runner and push gently closed.

The drawer is now locked into the runner.

Step 13

To remove the drawer, press the button underneath each side and lift the drawer.

Step 14

Press the decorative covers into place.

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