How to Assemble a Standard Tower


Please see the video above for a demonstration.

You will need

  • Plastic and wooden dowels
  • Shelf supports
  • Euro screws
  • Fixed shelf studs
  • Drill and 5mm drill bit
  • Philips screwdriver
  • Impact driver and #2 Square bit OR #2 square head screwdriver

Tower Assembly

NOTE: The spacing and position of your fixed shelves and drawer runners will depend on your desired tower layout.

Step 1

Lay the drilled side panel on the floor.

Fit the wooden and pushfit dowels.

Step 2

Position your first runner at the bottom of the side panel, leaving 5 visible holes for the fixed shelf and bottom of the drawer.

If you have a tower with drawers, the fixed shelf goes below the bottom drawer.

Step 3

Decide where you want the drawers and fix the drawer runners with the euro screws.

Note: you will need to leave 7 visible holes between each runner, or if you are using drawers with handles you will need to leave 6 visible holes.

Step 4

Install fixed shelf studs above top drawer and below bottom drawer.

Step 5

Fit the back support panel to the top of the tower and tighten cam to secure.

Step 6

Install the fixed shelves and tighten cams to secure.

Step 7

Place side panel on top of structure and tighten back support panel and fixed shelf cams.

Step 8

Flip the tower onto it’s back and then lift and walk to an upright position.

Step 9

Secure the tower to the wall using your required fixings then complete the rest of the installation by fitting the top panel, side panels and hanging rails.

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