Wardrobe Design Ideas

Please see the video above for end support options and how to assemble a corner wardrobe.

End Supports

Option 1

Full side panel.

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Option 2

300mm W x 900mm H top shelf support panel.

For use with two hanging rails.

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Option 3

450mm W x 100mm H top shelf support panel.

For use with a single hanging rail.

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Hanging Rail Centre Support

For use with hanging rails over 1000mm long.

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Hanging Rail Blind End Support

For situations where no wall supports can be used.

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Corner Support

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Sliding Rail

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Corner Assembly

Step 1

Preassemble tower and fix to wall.

Step 2

Fit the top panel.

Note: top panel will need to be cut to size.

Step 3

Fit corner support.

Step 4

Fit adjustable shelves.

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