How to Apply an End Finishing Strip

Please see the video above for a demonstration.

You will need

  • Contact glue (aerosol or tube)
  • End finishing strip (supplied)
  • Fine-toothed file
  • Roller (alternatively you could use a wooden block with a rag to apply pressure to end finishing)
  • Sanding block
  • Glue cleaner (thinner/acetone)
  • Cleaning rag

Step 1

Apply glue to both surfaces. With aerosol glue use two coats. If using tube glue, spread with spatula.

Step 2

Leave to dry for 5 minutes.

Step 3

Apply end finishing strip.

Be very careful to centre while applying. Once contact glue touches it will be impossible to move.

Step 4

Apply pressure with roller or use a wooden block with soft backing (rag or similar).

Step 5

Trim away excess end finishing very carefully using fine-toothed file.

Step 6

Finish with sanding block.

Step 7

Clean off excess glue with rag and glue cleaner.

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